FCH Projekte - Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Cluster Austria - company specific roadmap

The aim of the project was to develop company-specific roadmaps dealing with the topic „Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies". These documents provide detailed information for the three research-pillars, research, demonstration and energy, which were subdivided in a short-time (until 2015) and a mid-time timeline (until 2020).

Short Description

Starting point / motivation

The hydrogen driven fuel cell in the automotive and logistic application allows the implementation of regenerative production of hydrogen and CO²-free electro mobility coupled with an adequate vehicle range, high performance availability and short tanking duration. Despite the commitment shown in this field by Austrian flagship enterprises, with a focus on basic research and individual components, there is an urgent need for a coordinated bundling and promotion of research activities in the areas of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in and from Austria.

Contents and goals

Based on an existing concept for the Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Cluster Austria ("FCH Austria") initiative by A3PS (Austrian Association for Advanced Propulsion Systems), the project partners developed company specific roadmaps for research and development in the field of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in and from Austria. Yet, the project partners firstly develop a basic concept including objectives, strategies and methods for this field.


Based upon this concept the Austrian flagship enterprises (with their competence) will then prepare concrete project suggestions for future funding applications. Firstly, the projects will concentrate on the area of industrial research. In a subsequent step the project proposals will be extended to the categories experimental development and demonstration.

Results and Conclusions

A strategy concept was produced for the coordinated development of both the theoretically and experimentally oriented know-how in the field of hydrogen based Fuel Cell-electro-mobility, which in addition to defining targets, strategies and methods will also include company-specific roadmaps for the field of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in and from Austria. Based on these concepts concrete project proposals for future funding applications will be developed.


Project Partners

Project manager

Dr. Manfred Klell, HyCentA Research GmbH

Project partners

  • Dr. Walter Böhme, OMV Refining&Marketing GmbH
  • Dr. Ewald Wahlmüller, Fronius International GmbH

Contact Address

HyCentA Research GmbH
Dr. Manfred Klell
Tel.: +43 (316) 873-9500
E-Mail: klell@hycenta.at