OBESTO – Implementation of the user oriented and Life Cycle Costing approach in the Austrian design method for upper road structures

Within this project, performance-based material behaviour of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) was implemented in the Austrian design approach. Considering actual asphalt mechanic behaviour, as well as specific traffic loads and climatic conditions, the structural technical life time of road pavements with different bitumen, bitumen systems and mix design could be determined and considered in the design process. In addition, a standardized life-cycle cost analysis helped to evaluate and identify the economic differences between alternative pavement types. The results of this project should be the basis for a complete revision of the Austrian pavement design standard, RVS 03.08.63.

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Univ.-Prof. DI Dr Ronald Blab, DI Lukas Eberhardsteiner, DI Katrin Haselbauer, DI Bettina Marchart, DI Torsten Hessmann
Publisher: BMVIT
German, 147 pages