RTM-O – Rail Transport – Mobility-Optimization

The project RTM-O aimed the development of a capacity/management software for the digitally coordinated supply chain, from the handover point of the shipping customer to the acceptance point of the recipient.

Short Description

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Starting point / motivation

The optimization of available transport resource by means of the rail operator(RO) coordinated planning and execution of process activities and thereby simultaneously possible optimization of (un)loading capacities at customer site allows for a better use of resources and increase in efficiency for both companies. Through this first of its kind cross-enterprise-wide planning and coordination of rail logistics processes, customers are ensured of a competitive, jet sustainable, e2e integrated rail logistics service for goods supply.

Contents and goals

The innovation represents the cross-company planning of resources between a railway undertaking (Rail Cargo Austria AG) and the industrial customer (OMV). The utilisati on of the railway undertaking's train systems is optimised in direct coordination with the industrial customer in a cross-company IT platform and in collaborative processes.


The combination of the currently different IT systems and processes of the industrial partner with those of the rail operator (RO) creates a unified transport information system, which results in an efficiency increase for both companies in logistics and production.

Customer sending and receiving processes are intelligently intermeshed and coordinated vertically and horizontally with central production processes. The common goal is better utilisation of the existing rail capacity from the Schwechat refinery to the respective local dispatch warehouse.

Results and Conclusions

The development of the sought-after desktop demonstration is complete. The prototype will be developed in the follow-on RTM-O expansion project. The project results will be implemented in 2017 in a real environment in the plant area of the company OMV in Vienna Lobau and at the interfaces between OMV and the railway undertaking RCA.

The project develops "Business Capabilities", which leads to a better utilization of available production facilities and rail infrastructure, simplifies the provision of freight waggons as a means of transport and increases the resilience of the transport chain.

The project will improve the planning and execution of the goods transport, eliminate the bullwhip effect in the railway network and thus also increase the efficiency of both companies in the areas of logistics and production.

Erwin Flieh, Rail Cargo Austria AG & Mag. Christian Herneth, OMV Refining & Marketing GmbH


Project Partners

  • DI Erik Margraf, OnTec Software Solutions AG
  • DI. Bruno Bliem, RISC Software GmbH
  • DI Georg von Dömming, Institut für Integrierte Produktion Hannover gGmbH
  • Mag. Christian Herneth, OMV Refining&Marketing GmbH
  • Josef Haschky, Rail Cargo Austria AG

Contact Address

OMV Refining&Marketing GmbH
Mag. Christian Herneth
E-mail: christian.herneth@omv.com

Rail Cargo Austria AG
Erwin Flieh
E-mail: erwin.flieh@railcargo.com