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FCH Projekte - Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Cluster Austria - company specific roadmap

The aim of the project was to develop company-specific roadmaps dealing with the topic „Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies". These documents provide detailed information for the three research-pillars, research, demonstration and energy, which were subdivided in a short-time (until 2015) and a mid-time timeline (until 2020).


EKOK – Comfort- and energy consumption optimized indoor air-conditioning systems for rail vehicles

The project EKOK aimed to develop procedures and unconventional system-solutions for heating and air-conditioning installations in the field of rail vehicles, which should reach the optimum regarding energy efficiency and comfort for the passengers.


HyDie, Dual-Fuel-Bus - Hydrogen-Diesel Dual fuel drive for fast reduction of CO² emissions in public transport

In an 18-month research project an effective conversion of an urban-bus typical diesel engine to the hydrogen-diesel dual-fuel operation was, for the first time worldwide, analyzed. Among other parameters, the CO² reduction potential (based on the substitution of the diesel fuel with hydrogen), the diesel-combustion-typical pollutants emission reduction, and powertrain‘s efficiency were measured in order to evaluate the advantages of this technology.


HyperHybrid- High efficient and low cost serial hybrid system for passenger vehicles

Project target is the development and construction of a high efficient and low cost serial hybrid system for mass production application in passenger vehicles.


CNGDiesel – Development of natural gas diesel Dual-fuel combustion engine in order to reduce CO² reduction for passenger car propulsion

The tenor of the project is the development of a CO²-optimal gas-diesel dual-fuel combustion process based on a passenger car diesel engine taking into account the global emissions legislation. Thereby, the aim was to realise CO² savings of up to 25% w without worsening the characteristics regarding emissions and acoustics.