CEDR Call 2018 launched

The CEDR 2018 Call has been launched and will be open until 29 March 2019. The topics are Noise and Nuisance, and BIM.

CEDR Call 2018 has been launched by the Danish Road Directorate, as Programme Manager. The Call will close on March 29, 2019.

This Call has two research programmes:

Noise and Nuisance

The aim of this research programme is to identify, consider and gain a greater understanding of existing and newer methods to reduce noise exposure and noise nuisance for people living near national roads, and to identify methods that could improve the way noise is perceived by these people. This research programme will examine the following three sub-themes:

  1. quieter tyres, tyre labelling system and pavements;
  2. optimization and securing the performance of noise barriers; and
  3. psycho-acoustics: improved understanding of people's subjective reactions to road noise.

The funding NRAs in this Call are Belgium - Wallonia, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The programme has a budget of EUR 1.000.000


As a result of the CEDR Call 2015 a framework for a European road OTL is available. It provides a framework how to set up a consistent and modular approach for linking data based on modern, proven IT techniques which can be implemented step by step according to the requirements and wishes of an individual CEDR member. The framework is also of use for national or organizational aims regarding connecting data from various sources for a more efficient dataflow. The CEDR Call 2018 builds on this result and aims for a wider implementation among individual CEDR members with practical results in different use cases. It also explores new territories which are of interest of CEDR members such as scanning and sensor techniques. Generally speaking there are two main topics of interest of CEDR:

  1. information management over the life cycle;
  2. extensibility to legacy assets.

The funding NRAs in this Call are Austria, Belgium - Flanders, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. The programme has a budget of EUR 1.450.000


Participation in either programme in Call 2018 is open to any legal entity. All bidding consortia must be led by a legal entity established in a European country.